WP Video Profits Review – Now Add Call to Actions INSIDE Your Videos

Managing websites or blogs, but not earning money? Come here! We’ll fix that for you.

We know for a fact that most of the marketers want to build email lists and gain more sales. And we know that the power of video will help them achieve that goal. But are they using their videos the right way? I bet they don’t.

As promised, we’ll fix that for you. The perfect solution to that problem is here.

Introducing WP Video Profits!

This plugin lets you add Unlimited Call to Actions, Optin Forms and any kind of HTML elements on TOP of your videos forcing visitors to take action and convert them into leads, sales and commissions for you. Amazing, right?

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Front End – Features

[+] Add Social Share Buttons on Top of your Video

[+] Add 1-Click Action for Click to tweet on the video

[+] Add Unlimited Optin Forms on your Video

[+] Add Call to Action Buttons on your Video

[+] Add Banner Ads INSIDE your video

[+] Add Banner Ads OVER your video

[+] Show any HTML Content Below The Video

[+] Timed Call to Action Below/Over the Video

[+] 3 Video Skins for Video Player

OTO 1 – PRO Version Features

[+] Add ANY Html Content Overlay on Video

[+] 10 Video Skins for Video Player

[+] iPad, iPhone, MacBook & many cool Player Styles.

[+] Add Amazon Affiliate Product ads on video

(pick keyword, plugin finds them and auto-imports them)

[+] Redirect to Any Page automatically after playback (new window/same window)

[+] Play Your own Ads before/after/middle of videos.

[+] Autoresponder Integrations (Aweber, Getresponse, iContact, Mailchimp, Constant Contact)

[+] 1-Click Webinar Signup (Gotowebinar, Webinar Jam)

[+] Click to Call on Video (phone or skype call)

[+] Ability to Add a Survey on top of your video

[+] Clean Video Player – No Youtube Branding

Download WP Video Profits now!

How Does It Work?

This is super easy to use. You don’t need technical skills to make this work. Just follow the easy steps on this video:

Good Points

  1. No manual work as this is 100% autopilot
  2. Get organic leads and convert them into sales
  3. Newbie friendly
  4. Awesome bonuses are included
  5. Responsive technical support 


Bad Points

  1. Need stable internet connection
  2. Need to contact support desk if you have question


Do not use videos in wrong way from now on. Get more leads and more sales for your websites or blogs. GET Your copy of WP Video Profits Here!


Azon Profit Builder Review – Create Profitable Amazon Sites in 1-Click

It is the most visited site when it comes to buying stuff online. I’m talking about Amazon.

Since it is one of the top ecommerce sites in world, people are enticed to be one of their affiliates. However, most of them would realize sooner or later that being an affiliate is not that easy.
I’m talking about creating affiliate sites.

It is the most tedious and time consuming task. It might take months, and what’s worst is that you have to pay for the hosting.

So, what if your tasks can be done in just 43 seconds and you don’t have to pay for the hosting? Of course, it would be amazing. Well, that solution is here.

Introducing Azon Profit Builder!

This is a perfect software that can help you eliminate all of your manual tasks, and what’s even good about this is that your hosting is free. Amazing, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!




Front End Version – FEATURES

– Create upto 30 Affiliate Sites with Lifetime Hosting

– Search for Amazon products by keywords or ASINs

– Pull products from Amazon category and subcategory

– Publish posts immediately or schedule for later.

– Create site categories to post under, on the fly.

– Preview results, and only add the ones you really want.

– Users can use their own custom buttons

– Create featured images to be used within content

– Show 100s of customer reviews from Amazon

– Supports the following Amazon domains:,,,,,,,,,

– Nothing to download, upload or install – everything is done online & Hosting included.

– Users can use their own domain & build a brand.

– Very customizable, grid-style, clean-looking theme.

– Automatic SEO of posts

– Legal pages and necessary affiliate disclaimers added automatically.

– Automatic product updates & prices every 24 hours.

OTO1 PRO Version Features

– Add Unlimited Products

– Create Unlimited Sites

– Add Unlimited Videos

– Unlimited HOSTING for All Your Sites

– Automatically Show YouTube videos & playlists (with videos for the name of the product). This is one of the most powerful features of this version.

– Pick Price Range of Products to be Added

– Change text of CTA buttons

– Amazon Extended 90-day-cookie & add-to-cart button

– Automatically Cloak & Protect Your Affiliate Links

– Integration with SpinRewriter to rewrite text

– Autopilot Social Traffic with OnlyWire Integration

– Automatic Backlinks from top Social Sites

– Import Product Images automatically & Show In Posts / or not.

– Change the wording of every part of the post-generation template (in English, or any language)

– Legal & affiliate disclaimers added automatically.

– Super Fast Site Loading with Built-in Caching Technology

– XML Google Sitemaps for Faster Indexing & Higher Ranking

– Automatic Geo-Targeting for All Your Visitors

Download Azon Profit Builder now!

How Does It Work?

This is super easy to use. Just follow the simple steps on this video:

Good Points

  1. Free Hosting
  2. User and Mobile Friendly
  3. Get real-time update
  4. Responsive Technical Support 


Bad Points

  1. Need stable internet connection
  2. Need to contact support if you have any question


You are one click away to save yourself from trouble of doing manual task. Get a free hosting site, and GET Your copy of Azon Profit Builder Here!

Nichexploit – World’s only YouTube customised one click solution to discovering profitable niches!

In a nutshell, what is Nichexploit?

The potential that YouTube has is not hidden from anyone. The problem is that since this has now become a universal truth and everyone knows, the competition on YouTube has increased tremendously. Nichexploit is a tool that does detailed YouTube analytics and puts together a report that will tell you exactly how a profitable a niche is. Put your best foot forward when you start with YouTube.

Who is Nichexploit for?

New players on YouTube most certainly need this tool. I am also absolutely suggesting this for those who are already on YouTube. If you are a part of any category listed below and are not in the right niche you may as well be breaking your head against the wall.

3 things I love about Nichexploit:

1) This tool can really really save me time and time is money! What would have taken me ages literally is now served on a platter. Research can not only eat up your time but you may end up with a couple of failures too before you hit upon the right niche on YouTube. With Nichexploit you can be sure of the course of action on YouTube.

2) You can actually generate an income with the detailed report that this tool generates. That too with just a couple of clicks. Start your own YouTube analytics services! YouTubers that are not aware if such a tool exits will happily partake with their money for the powerful research that the report brings to the table.

3) Everything is in real time! Now this is just amazing. Let’s say for whatever reason you still choose to go ahead and research manually it will take you a really long time. By the time you come up with a proper analytics your research may have well got outdated!

What will I get in Nichexploit?

All you need to do is fill in some basic information about the niche you want to target and you will get a comprehensive report covering all of this:

  • Which channel is dominating your target niche?
  • What is the success potential of the niche?
  • Who are the top channels in your niche, how much traffic they are getting and How much business can it make?
  • How strong is the dominant channel’s hold on the niche (Room for a new player?)
  • How many channels are actually making business from the niche?
  • How long does it take to start making sales on an average in the niche?
  • How many channels have failed to make sales from the niche?
  • How many new channels targeting this niche are starting up?
  • How much business does one video do on an average?
  • How many videos does it take to achieve success?
  • What is the best gap between videos?

Any drawbacks to Nichexploit?

I can back Cyril Gupta with a blind eye. Nevertheless I did do my own research to make sure that this tool has actually got the analytics right. Nothing posed a problem at all! Nichexploit is very well designed and you almost feel it indulges you with the number of parameters the report covers. I could not think of anything more. As far as Nichxeploit is concerned you have my word for it, you can hang me reverse if you find something wrong!

Final thoughts on Nichexploit:

To cut it short NicheXploit is a powerful new software tool which you can use to quickly and easily. Find highly profitable untapped niche markets on YouTube that are ready to be taken advantage of. The whole process has been simplified and the user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy to get started with minimum effort. The research covers every possible aspect when it comes niche research on YouTube. Cyril Gupta has used this tool to discover niches and has succeeded massively in it. The views to the channels that have used Nichexploit are evidence to same. I believe this tool is absolutely vital for any YouTuber.

Check out Nichexploit through this link today and get vital info from Youtube!

WP Tag Machine 2.0 Review – Add SEO Magic to Your Site in 1-Click

Struggle is real.

Marketers are facing one of the most complicated demands day by day when running their online businesses, and that is ranking their websites on Google. Others would say it is pretty easy as ABC; they just have to create good content, images, and videos. But when they get into the whole process, they will realize that it takes a lot of time.

Other than that, having a good content, images, or videos doesn’t mean they would get a high ranking on Google right of the batt. You got that right! It is not very simple indeed.

So, what did they miss?

Most of the marketers tend to miss the important role of WordPress tags. Who would pay attention to tags anyway? Most of us would only put in a tag to find posts that will caught our attention. But little do we know that tags help boost our website’s ranking.

Yes! That’s right.

All you need to do is to create relevant tags for each post on your WordPress sites. And this is the right software that can help you…

Introducing WP Tag Machine 2.0!

This is the perfect solution for those who are struggling running their online business. Worry less building backlinks and writing articles as well. WP Tag Machine 2.0 will do it for you. 

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!



I know you want to know more of this. So, here are the five main features I want you to know. Let’s read it!

  1. Unlimited SEO Tagging for Websites – Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram use tags in most of their posts and content. So why are you holding back? Search engines love tags and they will rank your sites higher with these.
  2. Use on Unlimited Domains & Sites – Get the Unlimited Sites License for a small price today and you can install this plugin on unlimited sites that you personally own. No matter how many sites – this is a must-have for all your sites.
  3. 100% AUTOMATION powered by Artificial Intelligence for you… – Now there is no manual work needed – our powerful Artifical Intelligence Engine will read and analyze your content to give you the most accurate tags for your articles in SECONDS. You can also expand on those tags & get more Long Tail tags in 1-CLICK.
  1. Download Your Tags & Keywords into a CSV – use them anywhere you want – Want to use this plugin as a KEYWORD research software? Sure you can… that is why we allow you to download the tags in just one click and save them to your computer as a txt or csv file.
  1. Unlimited Tags for Pages & Images – If you are serious about your SEO, you need to optimize your images and your wordpress pages too. Now this is what Tag Machine 2.0 does fully automatically for you. We help you add unlimited tags across your site for unlimited posts, pages and images so you can get the most out of them using this plugin.

New added features compared to version 1

  1. Automatic tagging via Artificial Intelligence (ability to add tags on autopilot)
  2. Add tags to pages and other post types (products, etc)
  3. Add tags to images (alt/title) for better SEO

Download WP Tag Machine 2.0 now!

How Does It Work?

This is super easy. See how it works in 2 minutes:

Good Points

  1. You don’t need to be a technical expert to use this software
  2. This is user friendly
  3. You can get organic traffic
  4. You can easily get unique content
  5. You can optimize content’s exposure 


Bad Points

  1. You are required to have good internet connection to maximize its functionality
  2. You need to generate a big volume of relevant tags
  3. This could take your time to pick up the selective ones


You have already everything you need to know to end your struggle in ranking your site. Don’t hesitate anymore. GET Your copy of WP Tag Machine 2.0 Here!

Backlink Machine Review – Build Backlinks in 1-Click & Rank Your Site Higher

Are you still paying SEO agencies to build your backlinks? Well, that ends today. Let me show you!

We know, for sure, the importance of ranking your sites in Google. It can definitely increase your traffic and boost your sales. But, it is never been easy. The process requires time and money. That’s why most of the marketers are paying SEO agencies to build their backlinks in order to rank their site higher in Google.

What if you can build your backlinks in just one click? Would it be amazing? Of course, it will be amazing.

Introducing Backlink Machine!

This is the perfect software that can help you build not only 100, but also 1000 backlinks on complete autopilot. Amazing, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go read this review!




Front End – FEATURES

– WordPress Plugin that can build backlinks to all your posts with the push of a button.

– Define any number of anchor text for your links.

– Generate a complete backlink report in 48hrs.

– Drip Feed backlinks intelligently over a few days.

– Automatic indexing of all your backlinks.

– FULLY AUTOPILOT – make a new post and get 20 or 50 backlinks built to it within the next 48hrs.

– No manual work required at all.

– No more expensive outsourcing.

– Build Backlinks for Unlimited WordPress Sites.

OTO1 PRO Version Features

– All the Features of the Front End Version PLUS…

– Access to our Web SaaS Platform, build backlinks to ANY SITE from a single interface.

– Build 5 different types of backlinks.

– 3000 BONUS backlink credits

– Build backlinks for youtube videos.

– Export backlink report to PDF.

– Keyword research Tool built in to help you with keyword research for your backlink anchor texts.

– Create DAILY automated backlink campaigns that create 20 links per day for 30 days…etc. Set & Forget.

Download Backlink Machine now!

How Does It Work?

This is super easy to use. Below are the videos that can walk you through:

Good Points

  1. No more manual work
  2. Save money from paying SEO agencies
  3. User friendly
  4. Responsive Technical Support


Bad Points

  1. Need fast internet connection
  2. For WordPress users only
  3. Need to contact support if there is any drawback


Are you still going to pay your SEO agencies after this? You are one click away to save your time and money. GET Your copy of Backlink Machine Here!

4 Natural Remedies For Blood Circulation | Natural Health

4 natural remedies for the circulation of blood. You will find natural remedies for the circulation of blood which can be helpful in the event that you suffer from this problem. Discover what they are and just how you can prepare them. In the event that you feel pain in your legs from exhaustion, these days we will have 4 natural remedies for the circulation of blood which will be of great help. In this way, you certainly will stimulate the flow of blood, relieve pain and discomfort, favoring your well-being .

In numerous situations, bad the circulation of blood may have a hereditary component . However, you can find reasons that can cause this problem to seem. You’re standing too-long. However, its reverse intense, keeping sitting on a regular basis can certainly be harmful. The drugs and lotions that can be used may help us to alleviate the discomfort. Although if you’re finding anything natural, which you have actually in front of you and that in addition, you report excellent results, this video clip is for you.

1. Pamper your own feet: Soaking your own feet is one of the natural remedies for the circulation of blood. The first of natural remedies for the circulation of blood will offer a pleasant feeling of sleep at your own feet. In the event that you perform employment in which you need certainly to stay a long time, this first remedy is for you. Occasionally, becoming on the foot has its effects, however it is difficult to prevent. The discomfort increases whenever we put on pumps or we need to stay-in one place, relatively peaceful, for long hours.

Of program, sedentary life style can also be another component that does not assist your legs. So that the blood flow just isn’t affected, after showing up house, we can put into water water with sage and red vine. Those two flowers have actually draining properties. Whenever water boils, switch off heat and allow it rest for a few minutes. After we stress, we place the water in a tub and submerge your toes. Whenever we are in summer, we can add ice. 2. Infusion for bad blood flow; Another of natural remedies for the circulation of blood is ideal whenever we like infusions .

In the big event that we don’t have time between the week to pamper our foot, we can use the dishes to use the infusion we are going to see. But is necessary to stress when we make use of it while doing the last remedy, the outcomes is enhanced. We are able to take in the infusion if we wish, though it is much better to do it between dishes, even as we have discussed. Components; Red vine; White nettle; Strudel; Mint; Thyme; Anise; Melissa; planning; we shall add all those ingredients in a tiny casserole that we will placed on the fire. After boiling, allow infuse. 3. Ginkgo Biloba; Ginkgo biloba along with other natural remedies for the circulation of blood; The Ginkgo biloba is important to deal with bad the circulation of blood . This is because that this medicinal plant causes the bloodstream to dilate, favoring the flow of blood without problems through our veins.

The best way to take this natural remedy is in capsules. We are able to locate them at any naturopathy store or drugstore. However, before opting for this remedy it is necessary that we check with our physician, particularly when we have been expecting, have actually a serious infection or suffer from sleeplessness. The capsules may be taken anywhere and do not require any planning time. Consequently, they are perfect to always have on top and eat them as soon as we require it many. 4. All-natural drinks are natural remedies for the circulation of blood; Watermelon juice along with other natural remedies for the circulation of blood; The last of natural remedies for the circulation of blood is tasty, particularly in times during the more heat .

We can prepare drinks with a wide variety of fruits, meaning that we can take a different one every day . Some of the most efficient combinations are the after: Watermelon with lemon. Carrot with celery. Orange with parsley. Beet with tangerine. Being natural, these drinks may be taken throughout the day, associated with meals or perhaps not. We are able to even eat them at morning meal, which makes it far more nutritionally beneficial. It is important to take certain measures together with the natural remedies for the circulation of blood that we have actually subjected. One of them do some exercise whenever we are sitting too-long or alternate the extra weight of body in the legs whenever we are plenty of standing.

Despite all this, we advice consulting each instance particularly with a health professional . He’ll have the ability to tell each client a treatment for his circumstance. Can you suffer from bad blood flow? Perhaps you have assisted these natural or other cures which you have actually tried? .

As found on Youtube

Tube Rank Machine Review – Rank Videos Faster & Get Free Traffic from Youtube

Still uploading awesome YouTube videos but did not get a lot of traffic?

I know the struggle too. It is super difficult to gain lots of traffic if your videos do not rank higher in Google. Do you know why? It is because YouTube is somehow a little brother of Google. Google loves to rank YouTube videos first before any website.

Now, if you want to go into the process like boosting your rank in Google and YouTube, there are a lot of parts you need to consider. I know and you know for a fact that it takes a tremendous effort to get it done.

But what if this can be done in just one click? Of course, it would be amazing. And today, we’ll make that happen.

Introducing Tube Rank Machine!

It is a 7 in one software that helps you rank your videos higher on YouTube and Google. Amazing, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!



Front End – FEATURES

– Fully Web Based App that helps you rank videos higher in Google and Youtube for Unlimited Videos.

– Video Title Generator to get best titles for your videos.

– Video Description Generator takes the guess work out of writing a complex description for your videos.

– Video Tag Generator gives  500+ Tags for your videos.

– Build Backlinks for your videos in 1-CLICK.

– FULLY AUTOPILOT – submit a new video & easily build 50 to 100 backlinks built to it within the next 48hrs.

– *new* Video Rank Checker Tool

– *new* Keyword Generator Tool

– *new* Trending Videos Finder Tool

– No manual work required at all.

– No more expensive outsourcing.

OTO1 PRO Version Features

– All the Features of the Front End Version PLUS…

– Video Spy Tool – spy on the top videos in your niche.

– Advanced Backlink Builder for videos.

– Website Backlink builder – lets you build backlinks for any kind of website or webpage, not just videos.

– Build 5 different types of backlinks.

– Get 5000 BONUS backlink credits

– Export SEO backlink report to PDF & view online.

– Keyword research Tool built in to help you with backlink anchor texts powered by Youtube, Google & Bing.

– Create DAILY automated backlink campaigns that create 30 links per day for 30 days…etc. Set & Forget.

Download Tube Rank Machine now!

How Does It Work?

This is software does a lot of automation. That means this is super easy to use. Let’s check this video below:

Good Points

  1. Can be used to unlimited videos
  2. User friendly
  3. Save a lot of your time
  4. Responsive Technical Support 


Bad Points

  1. Need fast internet connection
  2. Need to contact support desk if there is any question
  3. Price will go up from time to time


Be comfortable now in uploading your awesome YouTube videos! Gain lost and lots of traffic like you’ve never had. GET Your copy of Tube Rank Machine Here!

WP Social Contact Review – Get More Leads from Your Website Using This

Have you tried filling out a contact form on a website? Boring, right?

I know. Everyone hates it.

Most of the viewers or customers are impatient when it comes to getting a reply. They want quick and interactive conversations nowadays. That is why most of the marketers lose customers because they’re still using this old method.

Today, what I’m about to show you will change everything.

We know for a fact that social media is the new revolution this days. Sadly, some websites did not take advantage of this, and they’re still using the old method of filling out a contact form. Well, that ends now.

Introducing WP Social Contact!

This is the perfect software to help your customers to easily contact you through your social media accounts in just one click. Awesome, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go read this review!



FE Features

  1. WordPress Compatible- Essential WordPress Plugin for Every Single Blog and WordPress Site
  2. Integrate Social Media Accounts- Adds 20+ Social Ways for visitors and customers to reach you faster!
  3. Floating Box Feature- A dialog box will be displayed in the right corner of your website.

PRO Features

  1. ADDS 3 EXTRA Popup Types – to your contact button popup and show amazing colorful icons and HYBRID popup with built in contact form + social links.
  2. Add HTML Content to Popups / Optin Forms – Now you can add any kind of html content or optin form code to your popups and change call to action of your contact buttons too.
  3. Customize Color Scheme of Your Popup – Completely change the color scheme of your popup and make it match your site or stand out for more attention.
  4. Animated Browser TAB TITLE – for extra attention grabbing makes visitors come back to your site even if they have browsed away to another page.

Personalize Your Popup with Text & Your Picture / Brand Logo.

  1. Change Call to Action For Post/Page/Category to show a different call to action text based on what part of your site the visitor is on – amazing feature!
  2. AUTO POPUP with Notification Sound – Make your popup automatically OPEN after a few seconds so the visitor really sees it and also pops up with a little notification sound so its hard to ignore.
  3. 15+ Animations for Your Contact Button – Makes your contact button appear in style and fly onto your page so its hard to miss & makes your site look cool.
  4. Attention Grabbers + Loops – Now you can make your contact button grab more attention with 10 different types of looped animated attention grabbing effects.

Download WP Social Contact now!

How Does It Work?

You don’t need technical skills to use this. This is super easy. You can check this video as a walk-through:

Good Points

  1. Will make your sites more appealing to customers/viewers
  2. User friendly
  3. Can be customized
  4. Responsive Technical Support


Bad Points

  1. For WordPress users only
  2. Need stable internet connection
  3. Need to contact support desk if you have questions


Still wanna use that old form for your customers/viewers? I know you can do more that. GET Your copy of WP Social Contact Here!

EmailFindr Review – Find Anyone’s Professional Email in 1-Click

Looking for an email address of someone? Come here! Let me show you.

I know it is a difficult thing to do whether you are in the field of internet marketing or not. You really need to spend numerous hours in order to get the exact email address to contact.

But that’s not what we are going to talk about. If you are still with me, I’ll show you how it’s done as promised.

Introducing EmailFindr!

Today, your huge amount of time spending in search for the exact email address can be done in just ONE CLICK. Amazing, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!




Front End – Features

[+] One-Click Software Finds ANYONES Email Address.

[+] Find & Download Business Leads from Facebook.

[+] Get Business Leads from Google.

[+] Uncover Social Profiles & even Personal Email Address of anyone you want to reach out or do business with.

[+] PERFECT for cold sales & intro emails.

[+] Create Virtual Lists for Prospecting.

[+] Add Unlimited Leads to Unlimited Lists.

OTO 1 – PRO Version Features

[+] PRO VERSION – Uncovers 100s of email addresses from a single domain. (means you can find email addresses of employees working at any company or business)

[+] Spam Words Checker Tool

[+] Spam Score Checker Tool

[+] Email Countdown Tool (countdown inside email)

[+] Email Formatter.

[+] Email Extractor (from any kind of content)

[+] Headline Generator – get 300+ headlines for articles/text.

[+] Email Ideas Generator –  Niche based subject-line ideas.

[+] Email Verifier Tool – verify 1000s of emails in seconds.

Download EmailFindr now!

How Does It Work?

This is super easy I can guarantee you. In this video, you just have to follow the 3 simple steps:

Good Points

  1. Doesn’t require technical skills
  2. Time Saver
  3. Responsive Technical Support
  4. Profitable


Bad Points

  1. Need fast internet connection
  2. Need to contact support desk if there is any unknown drawbacks


There you have it! You are now one click away to end your problem in searching for the exact email address. GET Your copy of EmailFindr Here!

‘What The Health’ Debunked by Real Doctor

Hey, it’s Mic here now, a general public service statement: just what The Health, the documentary, has officially been debunked by a doctor. Perhaps his title is ZDogg, perhaps he comes off more as a bro comedian than a doctor, and he might not cite any studies or any such thing like that, but he is a doctor nonetheless. A few times back, he posted this video clip on Facebook which went more or less viral there. It got over a million views in under a week. But on YouTube, it got torn to shreds and method less views. I’m really going to try and make an effort to not criticize the title ZDogg. I have it. He’s trying to appeal to a larger market. Their real title is Zubin Damania. That’s hard to remember. So this isn’t going to be an ad hominem situation. I’ll go through his details and rebut them. And unlike him, I cannot lean regarding word doctor. I’m not a doctor.

So I’ll alternatively utilize peer-reviewed research and actual sources alternatively of simply saying things like “Dietary cholesterol doesn’t raise cholesterol,” and then not supporting it at all. Now before I enter the details, I want to mention he claims to not be against a vegan diet. He’s simply out to fight that despicable “one diet fits all” mindset which is presumably therefore harmful. Like method more individuals die yearly from vegans saying veganism is the only method than our leading killer, heart condition. Don’t mind that a whole meals vegan diet is clinically proven to reverse heart condition. Whatever. Okay, now that you have some background, allow’s protect his primary objections to the film. What exactly are you documenting inside documentary? Like reality that you’re an idiot for most of everything and are simply now realizing that life causes cancer tumors? Like wow, like perhaps this shit in the supermarket that’s packaged is bad for you? That’s news? Now quickly the bat you can see he’s displaying the backfire impact, in which you have an overly negative effect to views that conflict with yours views.

You can tell he understands this is a vegan documentary and he is here to smear it. Here is his response whenever just what The Health explores the meat-carcinogen connection and uses the smoking analogy. WTH: “I wondered if things would happen various had they understood the website link between diet and this terrible condition.” No, it wouldn’t happen various because they still would have consumed shit. That’s what individuals do. You tell individuals cigarettes cause cancer tumors, they continue to smoke. This is an argument for eliminating all wellness training. I cannot believe I’m in fact using this seriously, but this is a chart of cigarette smoking prevalence since the Surgeon General report connecting cigarette smoking and cancer tumors in 1964. As you can see, cigarette smoking has fallen by about 60per cent. That is a direct response to wellness training. Imagine returning eventually and telling the Surgeon General to shut up about cigarette smoking and cigarettes because individuals are simply going to keep cigarette smoking anyhow. That is the doctor you’re playing. That is ZDogg’s logic now.

One thing that really emphasizes the lack of idea place into the video clip was whenever he attempted to discredit Neal Barnard. Okay, hold in. How is it that Dr. Neal Barnard gets the name “Premier Researcher and Diabetes Professional,” like what do you should do to have that? Well as many people have mentioned, including one of the physicians from the film, Joel Khan, in the feedback to the YouTube video clip in fact, he’s published multiple peer-reviewed studies including this 74 week trial, and has an award-winning paper.

But I’m sure he’s just ever written a book about cheese. Another thing that was pretty low or maybe simply from a lack of knowledge was was over repeatedly blinking “not actual science” over various parts of the video clip including the one that describes the connection between fat and diabetes. The diet that builds the amount of fat into the blood, I’m talking about a typical meat-based, animal-based diet, into the muscle cells of the body. You find that they’re building up tiny particles of fat, it’s causing insulin opposition.

Maybe he simply hasn’t seen them, but there are a few papers on intramyocellular lipids and insulin opposition. It’s actual science. But individuals are simply going to come and see that a doctor is saying it’s not actual science, believe them, and move on. Zdogg of course seems to be of the view that fat does not cause diabetes. It’s all sugar. But how can you explain things like Walter Kempner’s rice diet, in which he fed individuals rice, fresh fruit, and table sugar and reversed diabetes? Including a 25per cent of diabetic retinopathy situations, that’s diabetic blindness.

And to drive the animal fat-diabetes connection home particularly, from the Adventist study, vegan populations had a 78per cent lower danger of diabetes. All diabetes, which not from eating less sugar. Which is kind of in which the real debate took place, whenever Garth Davis describes it’s really hard to get fat on carbs. Carbs cannot make you fat in and of themselves. Whenever we eat carbs, we either store it or we burn it. Eat fat? It goes right to your fat. Your human anatomy cannot turn those carbs into fat, unless you’re really overdoing it. He in fact simply take a physiology class? Like are you kidding me? Wait, carbs cannot be turned into fat? Like fat goes right into fat? No. Fat are positively metabolized into ketone systems and utilized for gas particularly in the environment of a low carbohydrate diet. That is completely unimportant for 99.9per cent of the population of world who’ren’t in ketosis. Whenever you overload your human anatomy with carbs, the liver turns it into fat and triglycerides, and it’s stored as fat. While theoretically true, we should place this in viewpoint of actual pounds stored which is what individuals are really concerned about.

From this study on novo lipogenesis, even if you’re really overdoing the calories, they found that 97per cent of fat stored was from fat. Only about 3per cent was derived from carbs. To extrapolate that and place that into viewpoint, if somebody is 100 pounds over weight, most likely just three of those pounds are in fact from carbs. Some of you’ll have seen that Garth Davis in fact made a response video clip. He had a few good points inside. Right here, therefore ZDogg, who’s now arriving as the specialist, was a hospitalist. A hospitalist is some one whom works in the hospital treating individuals being acutely ill.

They never ever have any outpatient establishing in which they’re treating clients. He has no, and I suggest no background in long-term preventative maintenance of wellness through diet. They place individuals in wards and they learned this, and they found that whenever you really carb-load somebody for four times, providing them tons of carbs, a very, extremely, extremely, little portion of that gets turned to fat. If you radioactively label fat and eat it, it does get quickly to the fat shops. And evidently, ZDogg might bring Garth Davis regarding show for some healthy debate. We’ll see. Why is he therefore against these one-size-fits-all diets? One size doesn’t fit all. These dudes are making statements that instantly discredit them because they’re saying “this is true for everyone else.” It’s not. Everyone’s genetics are different.

Yes. Everyone’s genetics are therefore drastically various that while just what The Health might be good for some of you rabbits, some people are hyenas that require large amounts of rotting flesh. No. We’re all peoples. We’re all the same species. Everyone have lengthy digestive tracts being adjusted to eating large amounts of plant and animal fat blocks our arteries and causes infection, unlike say, a lion.

Yes, there are some small genetic variants, like how the Inuits are genetically adjusted to not enter ketosis, which is inconvenient for the keto narrative, But overwhelmingly, populations worldwide that eat the least amount of meat have the longest lifespans like the Okinawans. When they were raised eating 97per cent plants and 80per cent carbs from whole sweet potatoes alongside whole foods They were the longest-living population on world. But since they became a pork producer and began eating more of a Western diet, their wellness has experienced. Now the longest-living population on world is the Adventist vegetarians, many which are vegan. Simultaneously, those with the highest animal product usage have the lowest life expectancies, like sadly the Inuit populations. And we see that low-carb diets being high in animal products increase all-cause mortality according to this meta-analysis. I want to explore simply for a second that perhaps a vegan diet is a one-size-fits-all diet by considering the situation of Esselstyn’s study in which he place 200 individuals with advanced level cardiovascular condition on a whole meals vegan diet.

The people whom went off the diet had about a 60per cent chance of adverse effects like heart assault and swing over another 12 years. But of the 177 individuals that stuck with the diet they’d a 0.6per cent, a 100 times lower price of adverse events. No, it’s not like a third of them were therefore “genetically various” that they finished up getting an increased danger of swing from that serious lack of animal protein. Within situation, it quite literally is a one-size-fits-all diet regarding our leading killer. Not emotionally one-size-fits-all, but physiologically? Yes. Another point is like, the biggest bro science thorn in my side available. Right here it is. Dietary cholesterol is not linked with coronary artery condition. Period. I have a somewhat older video clip on this subject, but I have another video clip developing quickly towards low-carb narrative which utilizes industry funded science and simply badly, purposefully created studies to ignore truth.

But really quickly, this study shows the direct impact on your blood cholesterol after eating cholesterol. Big amount of cholesterol, bam. Big spike. No cholesterol, no spike. And as this study of 350,000 males found, greater cholesterol has a direct relationship with premature death from coronary heart condition. But what about all those studies showing that eating a couple more eggs worth of cholesterol doesn’t in fact raise cholesterol? This is the outcome of the cholesterol plateau from learning a sick population that has high cholesterol. And more bluntly, the primary danger of death for these people is heart condition. But as this chart illustrates, going from no cholesterol usage to even little amounts of cholesterol can skyrocket your amounts. But if you are already eating a lot of cholesterol, a couple eggs wont alter any such thing. To place this in more easy terms, now to Hippie Science Bro. Hola, bromo esta? Okay, allow’s begin the presentation. Let’s say that you’ve already smoked four bones. if you’re going to include two bones to that, you’ll get from high as balls right to high as balls.

But if you’re going to smoke similar two bones from being stone cool sober, you’ll get from rock cool sober to pretty dang high. That’s bro science. Finally, if nutritional cholesterol really doesn’t raise cholesterol, how come the removal of it lowers it therefore effortlessly? If you consider the studies of individuals going vegan, you see that decreasing cholesterol every time. Then in all the population studies across the board vegans have method lower ideal amounts of cholesterol. And even if you want to latch onto that low-carb narrative, they blame infection alternatively of cholesterol. Well, studies in which they place individuals on a vegan diet you see their infection markers lower by about a third. And I love how he completely dismisses the toxins thing. Just, nope. Oh, Michelle. You utilize the t-word. Toxins. I have that individuals throw around the word “toxins” a lot, but if there’s one supply that a level-headed person should worry about, it’s animal fat. Because as this study mentioned, 95per cent of persistent natural pollutants for example, one type of toxin, comes from animal fat. He even mocks the toxins in breast milk part.

Imagine as the fetus is developing, introducing these extremely harmful toxins. Oh my Jesus, like, There are toxins in the meat and they’re going to get in my booby milk, and child’s going to get toxified. PCBs are one type of persistent natural pollutant and from the log Pediatrics, estimate: And to tie things together here the Inuits, who’ve a very high animal fat usage, also have the highest amounts of PCBs in their breast milk. But telling individuals not to be concerned about these things simply has nothing to do with your anti one-size-fits-all diet. So what’s the deal? One thing that bothers me is for a doctor, is he’s this whole “everything will be fine” attitude throughout the video clip. Like, “Oh, watch me eat carcinogens. View me eat this processed meat.” WTH: “Not just through their percentages in every single restaurant. We found them in every single chicken test.” -That’s terrible. Just keep eating all the cholesterol. You’re not going to get an increased danger of heart condition. Well, guess what? Heart condition and cancer tumors are our two leading killers, so it’s not fine.

This next point makes me most disappointed of. He edits out the part in which Milton Mills states that the most African Us citizens are lactose intolerant, and simply cuts to the part in which he states that the federal government recommending dairy is then institutionalized racism, and then they simply laugh at him and say he’s therefore crazy. Government is telling me as an African United states to eat meals thatshould make me ill for no wellness benefit so it will gain dairy farmers. That’s a form of institutionalized racism. People who’re crazy, who’re behaving in an insane emotional method around this. It’s really not cool.

It’s really low. And it’s really a theme in which he basically edits out the reality and then he takes it the shock declaration which supported by the reality, and then simply makes the whole thing seem crazy. And it’s all part of the “Hey, never even watch the film!” thing. “Don’t even learn,” which is pretty not cool, considering individuals should be able to determine for themselves And I think a part that bothers me towards video clip is in the follow-up he it makes it clear he thinks the video clip went viral really because of his amazing ability to bust fallacies. No, the video clip went viral because we’ve countless individuals who’ve watched just what The Health and they’re seeking somebody with any obscure degree of credibility to tell them that they can carry on company as usual.

Keep eating animal products, keep eating their unhealthy diet, because this vegan diet isn’t in fact going to help them. People are really simply searching to hear good news about their bad habits. While never should be showing clinical literature or peer-reviewed studies, any such thing like that, to confirm people’s biases. In the end, I want to offer ZDogg some slack here in the sense that I never think he’s in fact seen all this research on a plant-based diet. He doesn’t know that intramyocellular lipids are in fact science. He isn’t aware that vegan populations have 78per cent lower danger of diabetes, ideal amounts of cholesterol, and I don’t even mention normal BMI typically. You know, I question he’s seen these interventionary trials showing that a whole meals vegan diet considerably reverses heart condition. He most likely hasn’t seen the numbers on de novo lipogenesis, or maybe even these studies on all-cause mortality being increased on low-carb diets. Around ZDogg will hate this declaration, a vegan diet is a physiologically one-size-fits-all diet. It can help these individuals. But telling them to not watch the video clip, telling them it’s all fake and not actual science and simply these crazy physicians is just irresponsible as a doctor.

You’re passing up a major opportunity to heal chronic conditions and I never see him going and attacking these low-carb films because they’re one-size-fits-all, and that’s pretty telling. Okay, that’s it for today. I hope you liked the video clip. Feel free to allow me know straight down below everything thought and like and subscribe if you haven’t already. Okay. See you next time. .

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